Recommended Reading and Viewing  for Organizing with ADD/ADHD

ADD Crusher

  ADD Crusherâ„¢ videos and tools are alternative ADHD solutions recommended      by ADHD coaches and Professional Organizers the world over.  These products      help teens and adults escape the overwhelm and live to their potential. 
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  A great resource for parents    who want to understand the    symptoms and common          behaviors of ADD/ADHD in      teenagers.  The author            provides practical solutions      to maximize your teenager's

  Ideal for parents with children            who stuggle with impulse control,      initiation, planning and organizing,    self-monitoring, and more.

  Get the solutions you need to help      your child be more independent        and productive!

  This handbook discusses          intervention practices that        help kids with ADHD break      through barriers and succeed    in their lives.

  This book helps couples            better understand each other    and learn to appreciate and      understand each other's          differences.  Many people        have even given this book        credit for saving their              marriage!

  FAST MINDS is an acronym for
  common symptoms often seen in                ADHD:

  Forgetful.  Achieving below   potential.    Stuck in a rut.  Time challenged.     
  Motivationally challenged.  Impulsive.
  Novelty seeking.  Distractible.  Scattered.

 Through patient histories of both adults     and children, this book explores the many   forms ADHD takes, from hyperactivity to   daydreaming.  The book dispels myths,   offers coping tools, and gives a thorough   accounting of treatment options and tips   for dealing with a diagnosed child, partner,   or family member.  It also includes a focus   on the positives that can come with ADHD   including high energy, intuitiveness,   creativity, and enthusiasm.

  This book was written with      the ADD/ADHD reader in          mind.  It offers practical,          easy-to-read advice on how      to simplify and structure
  your life at three different        levels: self-help, help from      family and friends, and help      from professionals.

   Written by a professional organizer     and mother of an ADD child, this       beautifully photographed book is       easy to read and gives common         sense tips on how to simplify and       organize each room in the home.

  Lots of organizing books are    written for "left-brained"          people - those who are            analytical and logical.  This      book is written for "right-        brained" people - those often    referred to as being creative    and spontaneous, and              describes a more unique way    to get organized.

   This book, written for teens with       ADHD or other learning
   challenges, is a great resource for     applying to and preparing for             college.

  This book offers self-                coaching on how to deal with    the many challenges faced
  by adults with ADD and            ADHD, including impulsivity,    distraction, clutter and            hyperfocusing.

   This book, written for "right-             brained" people, describes                 practical solutions for creative           people to organize their stuff,
   their time, and their lives.

  Written with the ADHD            person in mind, this book is      comprised of a series of
  short articles that can be          read individually or in order.    This makes it the ideal book    for an ADHD adult who is        looking for great information    that is easy to digest.

   This book provides practical and         specific ideas on how to solve the       common ADHD challenges                 associated with distraction,               attention, memory, organization,       and time management.

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