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        •  After receiving the form, we call you within one business day, at your requested time.

   Free phone consultation (15-20 minutes)
   During this call, we talk about:

        •  Your organizing challenges
        •  How hiring Organizing Magic, LLC® can help you achieve the goal of getting your home or office organized
        •  If we decide to work together, we schedule an in-person assessment or a virtual session.

   There is no charge for this phone consultation.

    In-person assessment (3 hours for adults, 2 hours for students)
   During this appointment:

       •  We begin by reviewing the ideas discussed during our initial phone conversation.
       •  You give us a tour of your space, showing us as much or as little as you want us to see.
       •  We talk more in-depth about the goals you have for each area.
       •  After our tour, we sit down and develop an action plan for achieving those goals.
       •  With the time remaining, we complete one mini-project together.
       •  At the end of the session, you may choose to schedule additional organizing sessions with us.

    For school-related organizing, we look at your gear and supplies (backpack, binders, notebooks, and folders)
    We then develop a plan for improving your organizational skills.  This may include:
          •  Creating a homework schedule and a work station
          •  Setting up a system to manage and file school papers
          •  Time and task management training

    No matter what your organizing challenges are, here is what we do:
         •  We work side-by-side with you to find the personalized organizing style that works the best.
         •  We tweak existing systems that were good in theory but just didn't work out.
         •  We reboot organizing efforts if previous attempts have failed.

    Regardless of how many times you work with us - all clients receive:

         •  The action plan that we created together
         •  A list of product links and/or local services (where appropriate)
         •  Our organizing e-newsletter, which comes out twice a month
         •  Unlimited text and e-mail support.

                                                 The initial assessment is payable by                $275  for Adults                
                                     cash or check at the end of the session.            $175  
for Students

    Followup Organizing Sessions

   During these ongoing organizing sessions:
        •  We work together to accomplish your organizing goals.
        •  We provide hands-on assistance, knowledge, emotional support, and encouragement.
        •  We offer unlimited text and e-mail support between appointments, if desired.
        •  We review goals regularly and make modifications or changes as needed.
    We schedule ongoing organizing sessions based on what works best for you.

   For maximum results, we recommend no more than three weeks between sessions.

    Organizing sessions are payable by cash or check at the end of each session. 

Become a Client
Text messages from clients after our initial session together:

    "Your visit was very valuable for us and we're definitely motivated.  Thank you so much!"

    "Thank you again for all the tips and ideas.  They were really helpful!"

    "Thank you!  I kept working after you left and I will get this filing done this weekend!"

    "Yea!!!  One small step for others; one ginormous leap for me!"

    "You should put 'and therapist' on your card somewhere.  I appreciate your organizing
of course, but what has been priceless  for me lately has been having you check in
    with me.  And when you offer encouragement and support like your last message, it
    more than I can say.  Thanks, Jodi."

                                               Laura - University City

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  3 hours - $250