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Science Classroom - Before
Science Classroom - After
  "For seven years, my classroom was a disaster area.  I         was stressed, frustrated, and embarrassed by all of the       clutter.  Jodi was incredibly patient, and kept me focused     and motivated throughout what was a difficult process         for me.  Thanks to the new skills I learned from Jodi, my     classroom is now organized and efficient and I have           received lots of compliments from students and fellow         teachers!"

                          Howard - University City

   "Jodi helped me prepare for a family living in my house for a 'house swap', and took the place from Clutter Hell to a very nice,         livable space in just a few sessions.  I certainly couldn't have done that on my own."

                                                                                  A.S. - St. Louis

  "Thanks, Jodi!  I feel more like working in the office now - I see things I like and want to do, instead of the things I hated that
   made me feel stressed.  I'm so grateful for your help!!"
                                                                             Patty - University City