Recommended Reading for  General Organizing Interest

  This book offers clear,              concrete advice for                  organizing areas around the    home.  The author, a                professional organizer, gives    a wealth of useful resources.

 This book helps people understand    what family heirlooms are worth        keeping and what do not possess      the interest or value held by              previous generations. 

  A great reference material to help      with downsizing.

  Take any space from a                    disorganized mess to an                  organized success!  Whether
  you're a professional organizer        looking to streamline skills or a        homeowner who wants to learn        the pros' insider techniques.  

  This comprehensive yet easy-to-      read book will get you there!


   Organize For Disaster closes the         gap between awareness to prepare     and actual implementation.  It           provides organizing tools like             shopping lists of provisions;               storage ideas; sample family             communication, evacuation, and       escape plans, checklists and tips.

   Vickie is a professional organizer     and senior move manager.  She       has expertise in helping older           adults downsize their homes and     move, in an organized and               efficient manner.  This book is         ideal for both seniors and family       members helping their loved           ones downsize and move.

  Regina Lark is a certified
  professional organizer and
  specializes in working with people
  who have ADHD, chronic
  disorganization, and hoarding
  disorders.  In this book, she
  explains the connection between
  having physical clutter and
  emotional and psychological clutter
  in our minds.

   Discover the reasons for           problems with acquiring,         saving, and hoarding.             Learn new ways of thinking     about possessions to               accurately identify the             things we really need and         those we can do without.

  Learn why we keep clutter and how    to identify and clear clutter in the      home or workplace.  You will also      learn how to clear clutter from our      bodies, minds, and spirits, and stay    clutter-free.

  The star of TLC's "Clean Sweep"      collaborates with 11 other                contributors to create this                extensive manual.  It covers so        much more than organizing your      home.  The book gives advice on      organizing all aspects of your life,    including your finances, social life,    and health.


    This book is for moms who feel          overwhelmed with clutter, work,        and busy family schedules.

   Many of the books listed below are part of our own personal collection of organizing literature.
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  This book is a quick and easy
  read and offers a fresh
  perspective on how to      improve time
  management skills.

  Worried that you don't have
  enough time to read a time
  management book - this is
  the book to buy!

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    Rewired shows you how to unwire,
    to step back from technology to
    regain clarity and focus.

    It teaches you how to rewire, set
    boundaries, and establish effective

    Be more productive and fulfilled,
    personally and professionally.