Meet Jodi

    Jodi Granok, MSW is the owner of Organizing Magic, LLC® - a professional organizing company in St. Louis,
   established in 2008.  She is a professional organizer, productivity consultant, and public speaker who excels at
   working with overwhelmed people to get their homes, offices, and lives organized.
   Jodi received her Masters Degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis and spent 13 years as a
   gerontological social worker.  A religious school teacher since 1993, Jodi finds continuous inspiration in the interactions
and insights she receives from her students.

    Organizing has always been a passion for Jodi.  This became most apparent when she got married 
and moved into her
   husband's small house.  Organization was going to be necessary in order for the two of them to peacefully coexist! 
   Jodi shared her success stories about newly organized closets, bookshelves, and cleaning  schedules with family and
   friends.  They 
suggested that Jodi make organizing her new career.  The idea of making a living doing something she
   truly loved 
and felt inspired by was too good to pass up!   
Peter Walsh and Jodi Granok
Jodi Granok and Dr. Davi d Tolin
    Jodi is a member of NAPO, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing
   Professionals, and the St. Louis Chapter of NAPO.  She is a member of NAPO's Golden
Circle and holds all five of NAPO's Specialist Certificates in Household Management, Life
   Transitions, Residential Organizing, Team Productivity, and Workplace Productivity.
   Jodi served on NAPO's National Board of Directors from 2011-2016.  She currently serves
   as the Director of Communications and Technology for NAPO-St. Louis.
With Peter Walsh at the 2008 NAPO Conference
   With Dr. David Tolin
   at the 2013 NAPO

   "Jodi has been helping me to organize my office and keep my desk clean for several years.  We have a monthly appointment to clear
    my desk, update my client files and to keep me sane!  I would be buried under a mountain of paperwork if it weren't for her!
    Thank you, Jodi!!!"
                                                                                        Dana - Earth City

Jodi is highly organized, detail-oriented, and excellent at time management.  She enjoys problem-solving, logistics,
   and teaching others new skills.  Her clients say that one of Jodi's greatest talents is the ability to explain ideas in a 
   calm, simple, and clear manner.  Jodi approaches each new challenge with patience, creativity, flexibility and
   Organizing Magic, LLC® provides hands-on organizing sessions with overwhelmed people in their homes and offices.
   Jodi also enjoys speaking to groups around the greater St. Louis area about the benefits of getting organized.  Using
   humor, energy, and a common sense approach, Jodi  motivates audiences with tips and tricks to get and stay

   "Jodi, you are a gem!  My time with you is a gift to myself, because when you leave, I see clear spaces instead of randomly             
    disorganized stacks of stuff.  Thank you!"
                                                                                     Kathy - Chesterfield

     Click here to read Jodi's speaking bio, or click here for more details about
     Jodi's organizing educational experience and credentials.

   "I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you've given me.  It's been a while since our last session, but all your little mantras,
   and just your general approach to organizing, it's always hanging in the back of my mind.  You really have made a lasting difference
   in my life, even in the small amount of time we actually spent together."

                                                                                       Beth - St. Louis

   "Just wanted to send a note and tell you that you inspired me.  My home was already well organized.  But last weekend I did my
    final sweep.  My basement and every closet and drawer has been organized.  The only thing left is probably to get rid of some
    clothing.  I have a pretty large unfinished basement, but just a small area dedicated to storage.  Everything is in plastic bins so
    I can see inside.  Last weekend I finally went through paper and got three large boxes ready to go the shredder.  I reorganized
    the bins and now I even have a pile of empty bins.  But finally I feel really organized, so much so that there is nothing left to do
    (except of course get rid of some more clothes).  But each season I will take more to the Goodwill.  And every time I try
    something on if it doesn’t fit or I don’t think I will wear it again I put it in the Goodwill bag, not back in the closet.  So thank you
    for your posts, and the inspiration."
                                                                                       Valerie - St. Louis