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From Overwhelmed to Organized:

How to Manage Your "Stuff", Paperwork, and Time

   Do the spaces in your home fill you with a sense of dread?

   Do you spend hours looking for items around your house?

   Are you spending money buying things you already own, simply because you 
    couldn’t find them or didn’t know you already had them?

   How would you like to find everything you need quickly and easily in a home that      celebrates the things you use, need, and love?

Treadmill Area - Before

   "I've started using my tickler file that you suggested in the recording.  It felt SO good to pull it out yesterday, pay bills (ON TIME!), and put things in
     next month's file - giving my brain permission to not think about those things.  I am making progress on my backlogged paperwork each day,
     carving  it away little by little.  Thanks!" 
Danielle - Charleston, South Carolina

    Learn tips and tricks about:

      How to organize any room in your home
      How to create an efficient filing system for mail and important paperwork
      How to get more done in less time with effective time management skills

Treadmill Area - After

    From Overwhelmed to Organized! (e-Booklet)

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    From Overwhelmed to Organized! (MP3 Version)

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    Note: Because this recording is an instant download product, the purchase price is non-refundable.

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     Do not forward to others, as this violates copyright law.
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