Professional Organizers - Are you as busy as you want to be? 
   What do you do when the phone isn't ringing?

   Here is an affordable way to revitalize your business and take it up a notch!

    "After being in business for over 10 years, I didn’t expect to learn anything new, but I was pleased to discover links to resources
     I hadn’t heard of before.  I also received a valuable reminder about something I’ve been wanting to implement that had slipped off
    my radar, so reading the e-book was time well spent.  In other words, 'I am a Professional Organizer - Now What?" isn't just
    newbies – it’s for any professional organizer who wants to focus on marketing his or her business.  And unless 
you’re booking as
    many billable hours as you’re prepared to work – that should be you!"
                                                                    Janet Barclay - Virtual Assistant and Web Designer
                                                                   Organized Assistant - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

   "I am a Professional Organizer - Now What?" is ideal for:

     New Organizers who want to avoid making costly "newbie" mistakes

    Seasoned Organizers who feel their business has leveled off or stagnated

    Veteran Organizers ready to tackle a marketing strategy they have feared or avoided in the past

    "This is fabulous!  It has great depth and content and is written really well - in a casual tone.  I think this booklet will help both
     new and seasoned organizers!"

                                                               Shannon Tamme, CPO®, Professional Organizer
                                                                    Life Synchronized - St. Louis, Missouri

   "Jodi's marketing booklet inspired me to take my business to the next level.  I gleaned tips and tools that helped me expand my
    speaking business, as well as take steps to plan and write my newsletter consistently."

                                                                   Kathy Schlegel, CPO®, Professional Organizer
                                                            Organized Enough, LLC - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    The 10 topics include information on:

    Launching a business

   Website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
   Public speaking
   Social media
   Networking groups
   Advertising materials
   Contact management software
   Affiliate programs
   Creating a product

   "Thanks for creating this product, it manages to pack a lot of great information into a very concise guide!  Your key concepts have
    become projects that I can put into my action system so I can tackle them as I'm ready to go forward.  I see it as a blueprint for
    going forward, and I have it in a spot where I can refer to it on a regular basis.  It has lots of targeted and useful content for a very
    reasonable price."

                                                                          Veronica Perry, Professional Organizer
                                                                Yellowbird Productivity Consulting- Falls Church, VA
   Note: Because this 27-page e-Booklet is an instant download, the
            purchase price is non-refundable.
   This product is intended to be used solely by the purchaser.

   Do not forward to others, as this violates copyright law.
                  Price: $20

    "Although your booklet is good for organisers just starting out, there were several topics that were good for me as well.  It is nice to
     know I'm already doing lots of things that you mention.  Looking back, I'm actually really glad I decided to buy your booklet."
                                                                          Ingrid Jansen, Professional Organiser
                                                                  Organise Your House - Kent, United Kingdom

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I'm a Professional Organizer - Now What?, Jodi states, 'I truly believe that the people who are the most successful in any
     business are the ones who know what to do when the phone is NOT ringing.'  Those words are so true.  This comprehensive guide   
     will help you figure out what to do during down times to get that phone ringing!"

                                                              Janine Adams, CPO®, CPO-CD®, Professional Organizer
                                                                   Peace of Mind Organizing - St. Louis, Missouri
Marketing e-Booklet for Professional Organizers

    I truly believe that the people who are the most successful in any business are the ones who know what to do when
   the phone is NOT ringing.

   That “down” time is when you need to work the hardest - to strengthen your business by working on all of the crucial
   “behind the scenes” pieces of 
running a company.

                                                                                                Jodi Granok, MSW - Professional Organizer