"I hate math, and I hate compiling my taxes.  I would
    think I had everything sorted correctly, but I never did
    and would wind up
 spending so much time entering my
    information.  This year, Jodi's spreadsheet made my life
    so much simpler, and I finished my
 tax return in record

          Janice Simon, CPO®, Professional Organizer
               The Clutter Princess - Houston, TX
Income and Expenses Spreadsheet
for Professional Organizers

  "When I first started my professional organizing business, I had very limited
   funds and being new to the business, I didn't know
 what program I would
   need to track my income and expenses.  I was so happy to hear from other
   organizers about Organizing
 Magic's custom made Income and Expenses
   Spreadsheet specifically made for organizers to track their finances.
   Brilliant idea!  
Now that I am 5 years in to my business, this spreadsheet
   has fulfilled all my financial tracking needs and my accountant is very
   impressed.  Thank you!!"

                               Carrie Giffin, Professional Organizer                                               Space Organizing Solutions, LLC - Oakland Twp, MI

  "Thank you for a great template for the financial aspect
   of the organizing business.  As a sole proprietor with
   limited income at the
 start-up of the business, it was
   very useful in that I did not have to hire a bookkeeper
   or purchase some elaborate or ineffective
 software to
   help set up my financial system.  The column header
   descriptions made me aware of line items in the
 business - those I would use now or in the
   future.  It is user-friendly.  It really helped during tax

          Delores Holland, Professional Organizer

   Edited Places Professional Organizing Service - Nashville, TN

    "Your spreadsheet is perfect!  I recommended it to one of the new
     Chapter members recently.  I like it for several reasons, including:
     I have never had to track expenses, so I did not even really know
     what to track when I started.  The spreadsheet had it all laid out
     for me which was a big help.  My accountant loves it.  She said it
     is perfect for all of the information she needs from me.  It is nice
     that I can email her one document for my taxes.  I do find the
     spreadsheet very user-friendly, especially for
 someone who can be
     slightly technically challenged!"

                       Laurie Corners, Professional Organizer
                 Simplified Living Solutions - St. Louis, MO

  "I'm lucky to have found your spreadsheet and chose it as
   the one I want to use.  From my experiences with it so far
   I can tell
 you that I love it!  It is very easy and user friendly
   which I was hoping for.  It's perfect for my needs and I'm so
   glad you created
 this.  As a new organizer, I wouldn't have
   really known all the categories at the time and I'm glad I
   didn't have to 're-invent the
 wheel'.  Thank you for this
   wonderful product!"

                   Sue Leftwich, Professional Organizer                                                    Downers Grove, IL

  "Jodi's spreadsheet has been perfect for my
   small business.  I needed a simple system to
   keep track of income and expenses.  
When I
   had questions, Jodi e-mailed me and even
   called to answer them right away.  Great
   customer service.  Thank you!"

                                                                             Julie Starke, Professional Organizer              Keys to Living Light, LLC - Annandale, MN

     Professional Organizers - Do you have a head for organizing, but struggle with record keeping?
    Are accounting software programs too grandiose for the current size of your business?
    The Professional Organizer's Income and Expenses Spreadsheet
is designed primarily for new and part-time
    residential organizers, or organizers who are growing their business and do not want to invest in accounting software
    or figure out how to make an existing product fit the parameters of our industry.
    I have personally used this product since starting my business in 2008.  It is a great time saver for me, and simplifies
    preparation of taxes.

                                                                             Jodi Granok, MSW - Professional Organizer

    This spreadsheet is ideal for: 

   New Professional Organizers

   Part-time Professional Organizers

   Professional Organizers who have a solo entrepreneur status

  Product Benefits:

    This Excel-based spreadsheet allows you to easily track income and expenses for each business year.

   The categories are created with a residential Professional Organizer in mind.
   There are 15 income categories and 18 expense categories, all of which are specific to how a Professional Organizer
     brings in money and spends money on his/her business.
   The template is designed to track the same categories that you will need to complete a Schedule C form on your
     Federal income
 tax return.

   The spreadsheet is simple to use, and the PDF document provides a quick reference guide on how to track each
     payment source
 and expense. 

   There's no need for you to spend countless hours trying to learn how to keep tabs on your record keeping!  I've done
    the hard work for you, so you can focus your energies on the part of your business you love best - organizing!

   The Professional Organizer's Income and Expenses Spreadsheet

     3rd Edition ©2014 Organizing Magic, LLC®. All Rights Reserved.

   This product includes both an Excel-based spreadsheet as well as a PDF document with instructions on how to use the
spreadsheet effectively.

   Note: Only the purchaser should use this product.  Do not forward to others, as this violates  copyright law.  

                                                                                                                                         Price: $29

   Disclaimer: You should always consult with your tax advisor to determine the appropriate treatment of various expenses.  This spreadsheet is used with
   the understanding that the purchaser has basic knowledge of Excel.  Organizing Magic, LLC does not provide tutorials on how to use Excel.  While
   Organizing Magic has made every effort to ensure that the spreadsheet calculates correctly, it does not assume responsibility for any mathematical
   errors.  Because the product is an instant download, the purchase price is non-refundable.

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    "I wanted to let you know I am using your financial spreadsheet and it has far exceeded my expectations.  I started my professional
     organizing business in 2010 and had high hopes of using QuickBooks software for my record keeping.  I even bought the software! 
     I'm computer literate and have a business background so I was surprised when I found it not as easy to
 learn as I wanted.  I even
     went to my local library and checked out QuickBooks for Dummies.  As I began to read it I realized I
 didn't have the time to learn all
     I remember seeing that you offered a spreadsheet... I decided to give it a try.  I inputted all data for 2010 and took it to my
     accountant.  I told him that I had purchased an expensive software, but hadn't learned to use it yet.  He told me that my/your
     spreadsheet was just fine.  As long as it gave me good information about how my business was doing then keep it up.  My only
     regret is that I didn't find you before I bought the other software!"

                                                                           Gay Patek, Professional Organizer
                                                                        Simplify Your Space - Victoria, Texas