I have personally used The Client Tracking Spreadsheet for over ten
  years, and credit it with clarifying what marketing ideas to use.    
  Keeping statistics on your work with clients help identify the best
  marketing strategies to attract more clients.  Take the time to track
  your information, and watch it pay off in the form of new and increased
          Jodi Granok, MSW - Professional Organizer
  Note: This spreadsheet is used with the understanding that the purchaser has basic knowledge of Excel.
  Organizing Magic, LLC does not provide tutorials on how to use Excel.  While Organizing Magic has made every
  effort to ensure that the spreadsheet calculates correctly, it does not assume responsibility for any
  mathematical errors.  Because the product is an instant download, the purchase price is non-refundable.

  Track Clients to Grow Your Business
  (Client Tracking Spreadsheet and PDF Manual)

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  This product includes both an Excel-based spreadsheet as well as a PDF document
  with instructions
 on how to use the spreadsheet effectively.

  Note: Only the purchaser should use this product.   Do not forward to others, as this
  violates copyright law.

 Cost: $15

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Client Tracking Spreadsheet for Professional Organizers

  The Client Tracking Spreadsheet is ideal for:
  New Organizers who want to avoid making costly "newbie" marketing mistakes

  Veteran Organizers who want to identify or streamline new or existing marketing opportunities
Jodi Granok, MSW - Professional Organizer

  "I love the client tracking spreadsheet!  It includes tracking the months where clients begin services which can help anticipate
   being slow to craft a marketing plan to make those months busier.  I appreciate the inclusion of tracking for business clients as
   well as residential clients.  The customization information in the addendum is well thought out and very valuable.  I also think
is a great tool to track hours towards a CPO status, but it’s much more than just a CPO tracking tool - it’s a Strategic
Tool! "
                                                     Shannon Tamme, Owner - Life Synchronized

  "By using data to track your business statistics, you can make more strategic decisions about how to market your professional
   organizing business!  With the spreadsheet and guide that Jodi has created, professional organizers have a simple yet effective
   tool and clear directions on how to put it to good use!"

                                                     Mandy L. Manley, Owner - Skeleton Key Organizing, LLC

   Does this describe the current state of your business?

   You struggle to get leads, or get the right leads for jobs that match your niche interests

   You have a limited marketing budget and want to make the best choices about how and where to 
   advertise your company

   Your business is stuck in "feast or famine" mode and you want to have an even spread of income
   throughout the year

   You are unable to provide quick statistics when describing your business to potential clients