Recommended Reading for Professional Organizers

  If you are seriously considering        the field of professional organizing,    this book is a how-to guide for          getting started.  Dawn covers            every aspect of setting up and          running an organizing business.       
  She offers lots of great resources      and customizable templates.

  Written by veteran organizer Sara      Pedersen, this book answers your      questions about the professional        organizing field. 

  Sara helps you navigate through        the steps of starting your own            organizing business.

  This is, hands down, our            favorite organizing resource      book.  The advice is no-frills      and no holds barred.  The          photographs are gorgeous,        and the ideas keep us coming    back for more.  You won't          just read this book from            cover to cover - you will read    it over and over again!

  This short and sweet book helps        the reader build an organizing            system to get and stay organized.      Our favorite part is the                      accompanying DVD, which shows      the author working with a few of        her clients.  It is a great way for        newer organizers to see a true          professional organizer in her              element.

  The Pregnant Entrepreneur is the      essential how-to guide for                  combining pregnancy with running    or starting your own business.          Written by a Certified Professional      Organizer, this is the first book of      its kind to offer advice to                  entrepreneurs who become                pregnant.

  This book is a collection of educational         materials by experienced professional          organizers and related professionals.         
   Subjects include ADHD, Depression and       Anxiety, Compulsive Buying and                 Hoarding, Asperger's, Downsizing,               Relocating Seniors, Learning Disabilities,     Traumatic Brain Injury, Time                       Management and much more.

  Even if you never plan on          working with the chronically      disorganized, you need this        book in your personal library.   
  Judith lays out organizing          styles for a wealth of                personality types.  This is a        quick read that you will go        back to over and over again.

  This book examines creative      collaborative approaches.          There are organizing and          therapy combinations, self-        help efforts, support groups      and other means for making      a difference in the life of a          person who hoards.

  We have referred to this book            numerous times over the years.       
  Learn and refresh your skills on          how to build a solid business              model.  It keeps us consistently          employed with the best clients a        gal could ever want!

  Million Dollar Speaking has        what you need to get on the      paid public-speaking circuit in    no time.

  Ideal for trainers, workshop      leaders, and consultants.

  Public speaking is a great way to        grow your organizing business.

  Does the thought of speaking in        public terrifies you?

  This is a great book to learn how        to overcome your fears.

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  This book is meant for both
  new and seasoned
  professional organizers and
  productivity consultants who
  need assistance behind the
  scenes with the business
  side of running a business. 
  Written by a Certified
  Professional Organizer who
  has seen and done it all!