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  Quick Tricks:  How to Get and Stay Organized (PDF)

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Quick Tricks - How to Get and Stay Organized

  Do you struggle with getting organized? 
  Make this the year that you finally achieve organizing success!

   "This guide helped me to realize that sometimes I have to think outside the box when it comes to storing items, by putting
    things where they are convenient, and not necessarily where most people would think to store them.  For example, it's OK to
    store a flashlight and batteries in the bathroom rather than in the garage because that room is centrally located.  It also helped
    me to set reasonable boundaries about the amount of stuff I will keep going forward.  Clutter creates chaos and I want my
    home to be a place of peace.
                                                                         Amy - Lafayette, Indiana

   "For all you procrastinators out there, this Quick Tricks guide can serve as your primer.  It will help you stop putting things off
    and start getting organized."
                                                                         Alan - Atlanta, Georgia

   "I like these tips, especially having a donation bag available in my room.  This will make it easier to get rid of items I have not
    used recently and don't plan to wear or use."
                                                                           Jodi - Carmel, Indiana

   For a small investment of your time (and wallet!) learn how to:

    Start and finish organizing projects
    Time management tips
    Maintain newly organized spaces