Survive and Succeed at Secondary School! (e-Booklet)

Designed for parents, middle school students, and high school students

  Middle school and high school are full of new tasks and priorities.

  Students are responsible for maintaining multiple areas, such as their bedrooms,                    backpacks, and school lockers.  They need to prepare schoolwork for several teachers, each    with different styles and expectations.

  It can be completely overwhelming to handle this new school environment, unless    you know some key fundamental organizing skills.

School Locker Daydream

   Get organized and prepared for school by learning:

     How to keep track of paperwork, both at school and at home
     Time management skills and the correct way to use a planner
     How to keep lockers and backpacks organized
     Ways to create a super study zone at home
     How to carry less stuff, get more done, and have more time for fun!

Organized Locker

   Survive and Succeed at Secondary School! (e-Booklet)

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