We are currently booking speaking engagements for 2020.  

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   We regularly contribute to silent auction fundraisers throughout the St. Louis area.

   For more information about any of these opportunities, call Jodi at (314) 504-8857.   
    Saturday 2/22     Silent Auctions for Miriam School, Kellison Elementary, and Holy Redeemer School
     Friday 2/28         Silent Auctions for Robinson Elementary and Uthoff Valley Elementary School
    Saturday 2/29     Silent Auctions for St. Joseph's Academy, The Wilson School, Wren Hollow, and Pierremont Elementary

ho Benefits From Organizing Magic Presentations?
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Group Meetings
Middle / High School Student Assemblies
Church/Synagogue Womens' Groups
Community Center Workshops
Lunch and Learn Gatherings
Membership Associations
Neighborhood Groups
Conference Sessions
PTO Associations

Office Meetings
Trade Shows
Girl Scouts


   Make your next group meeting "Magical!"

    In this economy, everybody is looking for ways to stretch their dollar.  Did you know that getting        organized saves time and money?  Sounds great - but lots of people get stuck on how to get              started with an organizing project.  We have a wide variety of organizing presentations for both          adults and students.  Our most popular topics are listed in detail below:

   From Overwhelmed to Organized:
  How to Organize "Stuff", Paperwork, and Time
    Do the spaces in your home fill you with a sense of dread?
   Do you spend hours looking for items around your house?
   Do you waste money on duplicate purchases because you couldn't find           what you needed or forgot you had those items?   
   Would you like to find things quickly and easily in a home that celebrates       what you use, need, and love?   

    Learn how to:

   Organize any room in your home.
   Create an efficient filing system for mail and important paperwork.
   Get more done in less time with effective time management skills.

   "Thank you again for coming to Safe Connections and presenting to our Self Care group.  You were dynamic and informative as
    I knew you would be.  Organizing is a personal interest of mine and it makes me so happy that our clients were able to benefit      from your knowledge.  Thanks again!"
                                                                                 Rachel - St. Louis

   Organizing and Downsizing
   Do you have a "paper problem"?

  Are you saving things for family members without knowing if they are even wanted?    Would you like a home that celebrates what you use, need, and love?en wanted?
   Learn how to:

   Organize any room in your home.
   Manage your mail and important paperwork.
   Downsize on your terms today to ease your family's burden tomorrow.

   "Just a note to tell you how very much I enjoyed your presentation this past Wednesday.  A program is only as good as its            presenter and you did a truly great job.  Not only did you inspire me to WANT to declutter, you made the presentation                  entertaining!"
                                                                                      Yvonne - Ballwin

   Survive and Succeed at Secondary School

  (Middle School and High School)

    Middle school and high school are full of new tasks and priorities.  Students         are responsible for maintaining multiple areas (bedroom, backpack, school         locker) and preparing schoolwork for several teachers, each with different           styles and expectations.  It can be completely overwhelming to handle this         new school environment, unless you know some key fundamental organizing       skills.

   In this fun, informative talk designed for students and parents, learn:
     Tips and tricks on how to keep track of school paperwork

     How to use a planner to manage your time effectively
     The best way to organize your backpack and locker
     Ways to create a super study zone at home

   Start the year off right by learning how to:

     Carry less stuff
     Get more done
     Have more time for fun!

School Locker Daydreaming
Notebooks and Folders
Ergonomic Backpack

  "Thank you for donating your time and effort to our Parent-to-Parent meeting at Northeast Middle School.  B
etter organization       is always needed at most homes."

                                                                                    Lynn - Creve Coeur

   Office Organization

      Do you have a “paper problem”? 
     Do you waste valuable time looking for things in your office? 
     Do you struggle with deadlines?
     How many e-mails are in your inbox?
mportant paperwork?
   In this presentation, learn tips and tricks on:
     How to organize your work space

     Create an efficient filing system for important paperwork
     Manage your e-mail
     Get more done in less time with effective time management skills

  "I have had many e-mails over the last 24 hours from the MOPS moms raving about how much they loved you!!  You have           inspired us all to organize our kitchens and organize parts of our lives!  They already want you to come back and speak to our       group about other topics!!!"
                                                                             Alicia - O'Fallon

   Tackling the Toy Situation!

   Are you fed up with the amount of Barbies, Matchbox cars, art supplies,                 videos, and Legos occupying your house?
   Does your entire house seem like one big playroom for the kids?
   It’s time to reclaim control of your home!
   In this fun and informative class, learn:

   Tips and tricks on the best way to corral toys in an organized and efficient way
   What to keep and what to get rid of
   New ideas for outgrown or outdated items
   How to recapture adult living spaces within your home

Toys - Before
Toys - After

  "I want to let you know I really enjoyed your program.  It was both informative and entertaining.  Although I am told I am             very organized, I am always looking for tips for organization.  I did pick up a couple of new ideas and of course had some
   things that I am doing re-enforced.  Thank you for an excellent program."

                                                                            Annette - Chesterfield

Snowman Card from Organized Greetings
Holiday Gift Packages
Holiday Cookie Cutters

  Less Holiday Stress, More Holiday Joy!
  Are you feeling overwhelmed about the upcoming holiday season? 
   Does the idea of getting your home and your family prepared for the holidays      weigh you down with stress and anxiety, rather than filling your heart with        joy and cheer?
  How would you like to stay happy, healthy, and organized while recapturing          the magic of this festive season?

   Learn how to get organized for the holiday season, including:

   Solving the common holiday challenges associated with planning and                   preparing the holiday meal
   Tips and tricks for getting the house ready for company
   Effective ways to store seasonal decorations
   An organized way to send out holiday greetings
   Time saving, budget friendly shopping and gift-giving ideas
   The importance of helping those in need
   Taking care of yourself

  "Thank you so much for taking the time to share with our MOPS group this morning.  We are blessed to have you share your         talents with us."
                                                                           Nicole - Ballwin

   Through speeches and workshops around the greater St. Louis area, Jodi’s humor, enthusiasm, and    common-sense approach have motivated audiences to put her tips and tricks to work, in order to        get organized and stay organized!

   If you want a fun, energetic, motivational speaker that your group will be buzzing about     for days afterward, fill out the contact form below.

Upcoming Appearances in the St. Louis Area

   Employers:  Want to improve workplace productivity and boost employee morale? 
   We have the ideal package for you:

      Begin the week with an organizing presentation, tailor-made for the needs of your company.
     After the presentation, employees have the option to sign up for a 1:1 mini-session with Jodi.

     Later that week, Jodi returns to your office for 3-4 hours, meeting with individual employees to
       discuss specific challenges and brainstorm solutions.
   Give us a call at (314) 504-8857 or send an e-mail to jodi@organizingmagic.com and let's talk!

  "In preparation for an office renovation and expansion, I hired Jodi for a series of presentations and organizing sessions with
   various departments in our company.  Jodi and I discussed the challenges my employees were having in terms of space
   planning, paper management and time management.  On three separate occasions, I brought Jodi in to speak to a specific
   department, with a presentation that addressed their unique issues.  A few days after each presentation, Jodi came in for 3
   hours to meet with individuals or teams to answer organizing questions and offer suggestions on improving efficiency and     
   productivity.  We found that employees learned how to be more efficient at home and at the office."

                                                     Lauren Weissman Kerner, Owner - Weissman Dance Solutions

  "Jodi Granok was a great addition to the 2019 Builders Home & Remodeling Show.  She was efficient, organized and presented
   detailed, user-friendly information to help show attendees organize their homes, offices and lives.  We would recommend her
   as a guest speaker and be happy to have her back at future shows."

                                          Renee Mincher - Home Builders Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri