Recommended Reading for Teachers

  This book provides lots of easy tips    and activities to get learners of all      ages more engaged in their own        learning.

  Great for teachers and all types of      presenters.

  In this book, learn about the    four types of learners and        the four teaching strategies.

  A great resource to help          make your next lecture            and/or presentation                motivational and memorable.

  This short 69-page book is      packed with great                    information on how to keep      a K-5 classroom organized.

  Learn how to minimize the      clutter, maximize the space,    and create an environment      that encourages learning.

  Written by a professional organizer,    this book is designed to help              teachers understand and                  implement time management            techniques to allow more time to        enjoy being a teacher.

  Melanie is both a 5th grade              teacher AND a professional              organizer - so she knows her            stuff when it comes to creating        an organized classroom!
  In addition to space planning, this    book offers tips on time                  management and how to keep        students organized at school and      at home.


  Written with elementary school          teachers in mind, this illustrated        guide provides tips on how to            prevent common organizing              challenges from getting in the way    of good teaching.

  This book was created to          help first year teachers of        grades K-8 with room              setups, classroom                    management, streamlining      record keeping, and much        more.

  Designed for PreK-5th grade              classrooms, this spiral-bound book    is filled with charts, beautiful color      photos, and instructions on how to    set up an organized classroom.          Debbie even covers how to pack up    your room at the end of the year to    make things easier to set up in the    fall!

    If self-help books make you feel more stressed and anxious, click here to learn how Organizing            Magic provides hands-on assistance for families and students at home!

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   Many of the books listed below are part of our own personal collection of organizing literature.
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