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     Organizing Guide Booklets - PDF Downloads, $19 each
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Holding the Spark
The Magic Shop

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   How to Get and Stay Organized

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   "Jodi's Quick Tricks guide to organizing life's time, space, and materials is a gift to anyone who wants to get out from under the
    chaos of clutter.  If you want to be more organized, but have a fear of changing your life, and don't we all, here is a simple
    guide of first steps anyone can take, steps that will build confidence and nuture clarity of mind and purpose."
                                                                         Gail - Santa Fe, New Mexico

   "People who are disorganized buy a lot of books, but don't take action.  These tips in these guide booklets are easy to read so
    that you can take action on one item at a time."
                                                                            Kathy - Millersville, Pennsylvania