Recommended Reading  for Time Management

   Many of the books listed below are part of our own personal collection of organizing literature.
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  Rewired shows you how to unwire,    to step back from technology to        regain clarity and focus. 

  It teaches you how to rewire, set        boundaries, and establish effective    systems.     
  Be more productive and fulfilled,        personally and professionally.

  This book is a quick and easy    read, and offers a fresh            perspective on how to              improve time management      skills. 

  Worried that you don't have      enough time to read a time      management book - this is      the book to buy!

  We live in the Era of Endless,          confronted by infinite information,    incessant interruptions, constant      distractions, unending work, and      boundless stuff.  This book offers      simple and effective organizing        strategies.  Manage the excesses      of endless information,                    interruption, work, and stuff - and    reclaim your time!

  This book provides the 21 most          effective methods for conquering        procrastination and accomplishing      more in less time.  This new edition    is revised and updated throughout.

  It includes brand new information      on how to keep technology from        dominating our time.

  Allen's premise is simple.        Our productivity is directly        proportional to our ability to    relax.  Only when our minds    are clear and organized can      we achieve effective                productivity and unleash our    creative potential.

  This practical guide to time                management is a must-read.

  It's designed for professional              organizers and anyone interested      in improving their time                      management skills.

  This book offers
  self-coaching on how to deal    with the many challenges        faced by adults with ADD        and ADHD.

  It includes tips for                    impulsivity, distraction,            clutter and hyperfocusing.

  Using quizzes and case studies,          readers find their own personal          style.

  The author helps readers tailor an      individual program for change.

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