Virtual Organizing uses photos, telephones, e-mail, and video conferencing in place of working together in person.
   The client and organizer spend an hour together on the phone.
   The organizer provides instruction and the client does the physical work.
   Virtual Organizing is easier to schedule because evenings and weekends are available in addition to daytime sessions.

   Virtual Organizing is not for everyone - but it might be right for you!  To learn more:

   Submit a contact form 

    After receiving the form, we call you within one business day, at your requested time.

    Free initial phone consultation (15-20 minutes)
During this call, we talk about:

       •  Your organizing challenges
       •  How hiring Organizing Magic, LLC® can help you achieve the goal of getting your home and life organized
       •  If your ideal plan involves virtual organizing, in-person organizing, or a combination of the two
   If we decide to work together virtually, a work agreement is sent via e-mail for you to sign and return.
    There is no charge for this initial phone consultation.

  "Before hiring Organizing Magic, my refrigerator was a nightmare.  We couldn't find anything.  There
   was spoiled food everywhere.  My kids couldn't be self-sufficient and get the snacks they needed.
   People were afraid to open the freezer because items would come crashing down.
   Working with Jodi has helped me get over my inflexibility with where things are placed in the fridge. 
   She showed me that there were different and better ways to group items together that actually
   worked better than what I thought.

   Now that we have worked together, I am cooking more because I can see everything in the fridge
   and freezer.  I am saving money because I am not buying duplicate food items and my kids are 
   eating healthier choices because they are no longer afraid to look inside the refrigerator."
                                                         Natalie - Dallas, Texas

    During sessions:
        •  We work on a predetermined project for one hour.
       •  This may involve using video technology or exchanging photos to
 allow visual access to the organizing area.  
       •  We maintain phone contact during the hour and provide assistance, knowledge, support, and encouragement. 
       •  You make final decisions on all items regarding things to keep, sell, donate or discard.
       •  At the conclusion of the session we send a PayPal invoice to be paid immediately after the session.
       •  A mini-homework assignment is given for you to complete either right after the session or within 24 hours.
    We schedule ongoing virtual organizing sessions at a pace that works best for you.
    For maximum results, we recommend no more than one week between sessions.

    Between sessions:
       •  We exchange e-mails to journal your progress on the organizing project. 
       •   In this journal, we track what was accomplished, challenges or difficulties to work through, and agreed-upon
            homework to complete prior to the next scheduled session. 
    $85 per session, payable via PayPal immediately upon conclusion of each session.

    No matter what your organizing challenges are, here is what we do:

       •  We work with you to find the personalized organizing style that works the best.
       •  We tweak existing systems that were good in theory but just didn't work out.
       •  We reboot organizing efforts if previous attempts have failed.    

    "I am so grateful for your support and detailed guidance
     with my laundry room/storage room project. 

    Working with you virtually was so easy - and fun!

    Thank you so much."
                                       MJ - Madison, Wisconsin 

Virtual Organizing Services

      Being organized means having what you need, when you need it.  Get things done in a timely manner.
      Organization does not happen overnight, or in 30 or 60 minutes, like we see on television.

     Getting organized takes time, patience, dedication, and hard work, but you don't have to do it alone!
     We work together to help you achieve your organizational goals. 
     It's time to get the space, time, and peace of mind that you have always wanted!

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