What We Do
Baby's Room - After
Girl's Bookcase - After

  Are these items taking over your home?

   Dolls                        Stuffed animals
  Cars                         Trophies
  Art supplies               Video games

  Let us show you how to corral toys and
  reclaim the adult spaces in your home!

   Mail and Paper Management

    Tired of drowning in mail and papers invading your
    home each day?
   Let's demolish the paper mountain living:

   On the dining room table

   On the kitchen counter

   In random bags/boxes around the house!            

Kitchens and Pantries
  Having an Organized Kitchen:

Prevents duplicate purchases
Reduces the chance of wasting food
Increases the desire to cook at home
Saves money and calories
Brings your family closer together!

    ADD/ADHD - "Body doubling" is not just for movie stunts! 
   In the organizing world, it involves:

      •  Sitting with a client to keep that person focused on a task

      •  Working together with a client to start and finish a project
      •  Tackling a project that a client needs to do but keeps getting distracted 

   If you have ADD/ADHD, we are ready to help:

     •  Create personal and family schedules

     •  Get to-do lists under control
     •  Complete chores that have become daunting rather than routine
     •  Modify filing systems to match your style of thinking


    Did you know that on average, we wear
   20% of our clothes, 80% of the time?

   It's time to get rid of the clothes that make
   you feel bad, mad, or sad.

   Together, let's create a closet that celebrates
   your body with clothes that 
fit and flatter. 
   We love all kinds of closets:

    Nursery rooms

   Teenage wastelands

   Master closets

   Off-season storage

    Streamlining and Scheduling 
    Those tedious, time consuming things one never has the energy or motivation to do? 
   They are some of our favorite activities!  Working together with our clients, we:

      •  Reduce the number of e-mails in their inboxes
      •  Streamline the contact entries on their smart phones
      •  Eliminate the need for scores of to-do lists!

    Home Offices

Let's create:

 A kid-free zone for bills and paperwork

A quiet area to catch up on computing

Dedicated space for your home business
 Business Offices

  Working together, our clients:

reate a stress-free area
Boost workplace productivity
Organize paperwork
Manage e-mail

   Pre-Teens and Teenagers
    Tired of fighting with your teenager about         the state of her room or his failing grades? 

    Yearning for peace within your home?

    We love teaching teens organizing tricks.      
    We teach students paper and time                    management skills, which helps raise GPAs.

"Dumping Ground" Areas:

"Don't go in there" rooms

"Horrible" hallways

"Overrun" entryways

We've seen it -

and we make it disappear!

Overflow of Laundry - Living Room
                                           Laundry Rooms
   Overwhelmed by the mounds of clean or dirty laundry piles at home? 

   Has it taken over your day, night, weekend, or life?
   Do you dread doing the laundry or putting clothes away?

   Learn how to tackle the laundry and turn a mountain into a molehill!              


   It is amazing how much accumulated
   clutter is hiding in most bathrooms.

   It's similar to a clown car at the circus!

   Turn your bathroom into a calm,
   stress-free zone that is just as
   refreshing as that morning cup of coffee.

    No matter what your organizing challenges are, here's what we do:

    We work side-by-side with you to find the personalized organizing style that works the best.  

   We tweak existing systems that were good in theory but just didn't work out.
   We reboot organizing efforts if previous attempts have failed.

Examples of how we "Make Your Life Reappear!"®

    Family Rooms

   It's hard for families to spend time together in a cluttered, disorganized space! 

   Does your gathering area have too many books, video games, toys, movies, or CDs? 

   Together, let's review, organize, and store items in an attractive and accessible way.

   The family that plays together, stays together!

   "Jodi is great at helping me break down what
    seems like an impossibly, large task into
    digestible pieces.  She helps me tackle the
    organizing projects in a strategic and stepwise
    fashion, so I am able to get the job done.  The
    concepts are applicable to any undertaking.  She
    is an encouraging and soothing presence, which
    is especially helpful when I am feeling
    overwhelmed and stressed out about organizing
    my household."

                                                                                                   Philana - Chesterfield

   "Just spent the last three hours with Organizing Magic at our house
    snatching our whole lives together.  It was an eye opener for
 sure but
    VERY much needed.  It felt SO good!  We bagged up 5 huge trash bags
    of clothes, toys and games to donate.  Jodi 
even loaded them in my car
    to ensure they don't just stay in the house.  Jodi was great because she
    had no emotional 
attachment to anything so she could realistically talk
    to us about will you use this, how will you use it, where is this used,
    why is 
this out here etc.  We also went room by room and made
    detailed plans for our room, kitchen and laundry rooms to be 
    and maximize the space.  Jodi was FANTASTIC and exactly what our
    house needed to start off 2020!"

                                    Alexis - Maryland Heights

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