What We Do
Baby's Room - After
Girl's Bookcase - After
  Are these items taking over your home?

  Art supplies
  Video games
  Stuffed animals

  Let us show you how to corral the toys 
 and reclaim the adult living spaces in         your home!

  "I couldn’t believe it!  I’d always been a good organizer but my basement and my closets were suddenly overwhelming and no         matter how many good intentions I had I wasn’t getting the job done.  I called Jodi and we decided to start with the biggest job     which was the basement playroom.  I think I literally handled thousands of tiny figures and LEGO® by the time we were done.       Jodi helped me stay on task but relaxed as we laughed, told each other stories and listened to music.
   I realized that what was holding me back wasn’t simply the enormity of the job but how emotional it would be to touch all my         children’s toys from their younger years and realize they wouldn’t be playing with them again.  Whenever Jodi saw me                   struggling (and often tearing up) she gave me permission to take a pause and consider that if that small plastic shark meant           that much to me that I could absolutely keep it.  It took several hours but when the job was done I had 8 bags to donate and         had reclaimed an entire room in the house for my family to utilize again. 

   We continued to other rooms in the house and by the time we were done I felt lighter and happier.  I could find all my things         and I knew that the surfaces were all clean.  It felt amazing and that I had truly accomplished something important for myself       and my family.  None of that would’ve been possible without Jodi’s help, professionalism and support.  I know I have the tools       now to control the chaos and organize a busy full home.  I can’t thank Jodi enough for the journey we took together.  She is           fabulous."
                                                                          Maia - Richmond Heights

Dining Room Table - Before
Dining Room Table - After

Mail and Paper Management
  Tired of drowning in mail and other            paperwork that invades your home daily?     
  We work with clients to rid that paper        mountain currently living:

  On the dining room table

  On the kitchen counter

  In random bags and boxes stashed            throughout the house!

  "Jodi just left.  Wow.  A LOT of organizing got done in a few short hours (three).  I am so happy I had her come over.  She               helped me go through mounds of paperwork that were overwhelming.  With her help, I got through it all.  I will definitely work       with her again.  It is really a big weight off to know that stuff that seems insurmountable can get done with her help.  She is           really laid back and is there to help you with what you need.  Highly recommend!!"
                                                                                  Liz - St. Louis

Kitchen Pantry - After
Kitchen Junk Drawer - After

itchens and Pantries 
   One of our clients had twelve spatulas in
   her kitchen because she could never find    one when  she needed it.
   She would continuously buy a new             spatula, use it, wash it, and throw it in
   a random drawer.

  "We recently moved into a new house and had an issue with putting systems in place that allowed us to live our best life.                 Whenever we walked into the kitchen, we were overwhelmed with the amount of stuff on our counters.  We had duplicates of         things; we couldn't see anything; it was a mess!

   Working with Jodi helped me find better placement for the items that we use every day vs. the things we use a few times a             year.  The space planning allowed us to take our tiny kitchen with little cabinet space and make it feel so much larger while             finding a home for everything!

   Now I can look in my kitchen and see clean countertops, and feel a sense of peace.  When I open my cabinets, I see all of our         food goods stored in easy-to-reach and organized ways.  It's been life-changing!"

Nancy - Olivette

   Having an Organized Kitchen:

   Prevents duplicate purchases

   Reduces the chance of wasting food

   Increases the desire to prepare meals at

   Bring your family closer together while       
   saving money and calories!

   ADD/ADHD - "Body doubling" is not just for movie stunts! 
  In the organizing world, it involves:

   Sitting with a client to keep that person focused on a task

  Working together with a client to start and finish a project
  Tackling a project that a client needs to do but keeps getting distracted

   If you have ADD/ADHD, we are ready to help:

   Create personal and family schedules

  Get to-do lists under control
  Complete chores that have become daunting rather than routine
  Modify filing systems to match your style of thinking

  "Before hiring Organizing Magic, I had not properly filed records for 3 years and even before that, my receipts and important           papers were everywhere, but not together!

   Working with Jodi has helped me to focus, to set up files that are efficient and user friendly for me.  Now, the past 6 years of         files are in order and the current year is set up for me to manage!  Jodi is patient, kind, keeps me on task and offers                     suggestions in a very encouraging way... she learned my personality, observed my needs first-hand and tailor made a system       just for me.

   Now that we have worked together, I am learning to set aside time blocks to organize... it's a paradigm shift in action for me!       Instead of being so overwhelmed that I don't know where to start, I know exactly where everything belongs!  Woohoo!!

   My husband (very organized) has been really patient but I know my 'stuff' has been out of control... he is amazed at what Jodi       and I have accomplished together.  When I found a document he was looking for in 10 seconds or less, you could see him             beaming from ear to ear!  Thank you, Jodi!!"

                                                                             Kathy - Chesterfield

Pre-Teen Closet - After
Man's Closet - After


    Did you know that on average, we wear     20% of our clothes, 80% of the time?

   It's time to get rid of the clothes that         make you feel bad, mad, or sad.

   Together, let's create a closet that             celebrates your body with clothes that
   fit and flatter. 

Craft Closet - Before
Craft Closet - After

  "I used to think that if I just had a container for           each project, I would be organized.  I had so               many bins and bags full of items for projects that         I couldn't find anything.  I thought I was being             organized, when in fact my numerous organizing         containers made things more cluttered. 

   Jodi taught me how to consolidate and not                   overcomplicate my systems.  In the process of our       working together, I was able to get rid of projects       that don't fit my life anymore, freeing up space for       newer and better ones."
                     Alexis - Webster Groves

Woman's Closet - After
 We love all kinds of closets:

    Nursery rooms

   Teenage wastelands

   Master closets

   Off-season storage

  "My shoe collection was out of control and I didn’t even understand how bad it was.  I had shoes all over the house, so when         Jodi asked me to gather them together, the shoes covered the floor several layers deep!  Jodi helped me set up an area for         each type of footwear, and each area has a capacity limit.  At the end of the process, I got rid of 1/3 of my shoe collection.         I no longer have a shoe heap at the bottom of my closet that fills me with dread whenever I walk in.  Every pair of shoes has
   a home; and to me, that is a real breakthrough."                 
                                                                                  Ann - Clayton

   Streamlining and Scheduling 
   Those tedious, time consuming things one never has the energy or motivation to do?  They are         some of our favorite activities!  Working together with our clients, we:

      Reduce the number of e-mails in their inboxes
      Streamline the contact entries on their smart phones
      Eliminate the need for scores of to-do lists!

  "Jodi is great at offering quick strategies for when she's not there to keep you on track, like the 10-minute timer."                                                        

                                                                               Mary - Des Peres

                                Home Offices

  Let's create:

   A kid-free zone for bills and paperwork

   A quiet area to catch up on computing

   A dedicated space to run your
   home-based business

  "Before hiring Jodi, paperwork had overtaken the floor and surface areas of my home office.  After spending one session               working on it together, I was able to use the tools and tips Jodi suggested and get all of my paperwork organized and put             away!  My anxiety about having a messy office is gone.  I really appreciate Jodi's help and encouragement.  She inspired me,       and I can't stop telling people about her!"

                                                                             Donna - Chesterfield

Business Office - Before
Business Office - After
             Business Offices

  Working together, our clients:

  Create a stress-free area

  Boost workplace productivity
  Organize paperwork
  Manage e-mail

  "Jodi helped me organize my office, including moving furniture, reorganizing my filing system, purging a lot of unneeded items,     generally clearing my work space, and getting everything organized so it all works better and feels better.  She also gave me       some good ideas for dealing with my huge flow of email. Jodi is very good at this, and I would recommend her service."

                                                                                 Brett - St. Louis

Boy's Bedroom - Before
Boy's Bedroom - After
    Pre-Teens and Teenagers

    Tired of fighting with your teenager about         the state of her room or his failing grades? 

    We love teaching teens organizing tricks.      
    We teach students paper and time                    management skills, which helps raise GPAs.  

    Yearning for peace within your home?

    Click here to learn more about our work           with students.

Upstairs Hallway - Before
Upstairs Hallway - After

"Dumping Ground" Areas:

"Don't go in there" rooms

"Horrible" hallways

"Overrun" entryways

We've seen it -

and we make it disappear!

Overflow of Laundry - Living Room
                                  Laundry Rooms

   Overwhelmed by the mounds of clean and dirty laundry piles     in your home? 

   Has it taken over your day, night, weekend, or life? 

   Do you dread doing the laundry or putting clothes away?

   Let us show you how to tackle the laundry and turn that           mountain into a molehill!              

  "My daughter’s closet and dresser drawers were overflowing with clothes.  Laundry piled up because I dreaded trying to put           away clothes when there was no room.  Jodi helped me set boundaries that made it easy for me to sort and to part with               items.  We created a bin for each outgrown size.  I can keep a few favorite items and pass them on to my next child.  When         the bin filled up, we donated the rest of the clothes.  We filled five bags with clothes for donation and the results are                   miraculous!  Putting away laundry is easy now because everything has a home to go to."
                                                                                Mia - Ladue

    Family Rooms

   It's hard for families to spend time together in a cluttered, disorganized space! 

   Does your gathering area have too many books, video games, toys, movies, or CDs? 

   Together, let's review, organize, and store items in an attractive and accessible way.

   The family that plays together, stays together!

  "I always thought that books were something that you collect until you have a huge library.  Then I realized that my children         were overwhelmed by too many choices and we could never find the ones that we consider 'special gems'.  After working with       Jodi to reduce the volume of books, select the favorites and organize them into categories, reading to my children at bedtime       has become a renewed joy.  They are now able to bond with their books and create deeper and more meaningful reading             experiences."
                                                                              Molly - Creve Coeur

Girl's Bathroom - Before
Girl's Bathroom - After


   How many tubes of toothpaste, bottles
   of lotions, and haircare products are in     your bathroom right now?

Master Bathroom - Before
Master Bathroom - After
   It is amazing how much accumulated
   clutter is hiding in most bathrooms. 

   It's similar to a clown car at the circus!

   Turn your bathroom into a calm,
   stress-free zone that is just as                 refreshing as that morning cup of             coffee.

 No matter what your organizing challenges are, here's what we do:

    We work side-by-side with you to find the personalized organizing style that works the best.  

   We tweak existing systems that were good in theory but just didn't work out.
   We reboot organizing efforts if previous attempts have failed.

  "Before hiring Organizing Magic, I was unsure of how to get started!  Paperwork was my biggest obstacle.  Jodi shared some         tips and tools that have been very helpful.  Working with Jodi has helped me to develop a plan of action and get the ball               rolling!  Now that we have worked together, I have been motivated and continue to work on purging and organizing my               home."
                                                                         Carmen - Crystal Lake Park

Here are a few examples of how we get clients organized:

   Referral program

   When you refer a new client to us, that client receives $50 off of the initial appointment.
   You also receive $50 off of your next scheduled appointment, as our thanks.

   This is the one form of magic that shouldn't be kept secret:

   Tell your friends and family members about the benefits you received from Organizing Magic!

  "Jodi did such an amazing job helping my teenage daughter organize her room, closet, and bathroom.  I would absolutely use
   her again and I highly recommend her.  She taught my daughter organizing techniques and helped her get excited about
   having a clean room.  Thanks Jodi!!!"
                                                                                        Sharon - Chesterfield

  "Working with Jodi has helped me to think about organizing my home from a 'Top Down' perspective, especially with paperwork
   piling up!  'Hot - Warm - Cold' sorting of mail & documents and shredding junk mail as soon as it comes in has literally
   changed my life!!  I’ve gone from dreading opening the mailbox to actually looking forward to a kind of soul cleansing
   'Recycling Session' almost every evening - her idea!  I highly recommend Jodi’s service.  If she can help a total procrastinator
    like me, she can help anyone!"
                                                                                      Mike - St. Louis