Do you need more organization in your life?  See if this sounds familiar:

  • When I walk into this room, I feel overwhelmed by all of the clutter.
  • These piles of paper are driving me crazy!
  • My home is full of projects that I started but never finished.
  • I just can't get a handle on my busy schedule.
  • School used to be easy for me, but now I feel completely lost.

    Getting organized changes your life in so many positive ways:

  • Reduce clutter by removing items that weigh you down emotionally and physically
  • Save money by keeping track of what you have to avoid duplicate purchases
  • Stay focused and finish your longstanding projects
  • Decrease stress and anxiety levels while feeling happier and healthier
What are the benefits of working with Organizing Magic?
    Here are the top 5 benefits clients have offered up during our time together:

  5) "I thought about having a friend/family member help me, but this is way better because you don't have any
        connection to my stuff." - One of the benefits of working with us is that we don't have any pre-existing bias towards 
        belongings.  There are no attachments or memories, so we can look at each item objectively and provide a neutral
        sounding board for you to process whether it stays or goes.
  4) "You are so non-judgemental, which makes it easy to work with you." - The areas in your home or office that we   
        work on is up to you.  What you choose to keep and what you choose to let go of is up to you.  How we organize, arrange,
        and display your items is up to you.  The most important rule of getting organized is that it needs to make sense to YOU,              and work for YOU. 
  3) "I'm sure glad you came today.  I feel so relieved whenever you come over because I know I've gotten a lot
- When you make the commitment for us to work together, we accomplish a great deal
 in a short amount of time.            Getting organized may not be your favorite activity at first, but we love doing it and will help you see how much fun and
        freeing it can be!

  2) "I could have done all the things we did today on my own, but it would have taken me six months, not three
- This comes up with many of our clients, especially those who have ADD/ADHD.   Hiring a professional organizer
        allows you to work within a dedicated block of time, with gentle guidance to remain focused and stay on task.
  1) "You taught me so well, I don't need your help anymore!  I just ask myself what you would say or do, and then 
        I do it myself!" - The #1 goal of our work together is to transfer skills and knowledge so you get and stay organized
        anytime, anywhere, by yourself!  Rest assured, we are happy to work with you for as long as you want, either 
        continuously or on an as-needed basis.  The majority of our clients only work with us a few times, and then work 
        independently armed with the tips and tricks they learned during our time together.

Girl's Closet - Before
Girl's Closet - After
y daughter’s closet and dresser drawers were          overflowing with clothes.  
Laundry piled up because    I dreaded trying to put away clothes when there          was no room. 
  Jodi helped me set boundaries that made it easy
  for me to sort and to part with items.  We created a    bin for each outgrown size.  I can keep a few              favorite items and pass them on to my next child. 
  When the bin filled up, we donated the rest of the        clothes.  We filled five bags with clothes for                donation and the results are miraculous!

  Putting away laundry is easy now because                  everything has a home to go to."          
                                                     Mia - Ladue
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Make 2018 an organized year!

   We are open for business year-round.  Here are just a few ways we can work together to start this year off organized:

      Tackle existing paperwork and create a fresh new filing system.

      Review clothes, games, toys, etc. to weed out what is no longer used or loved and accommodate new purchases.
      Organize your kitchen to make more meals at home, saving money and calories!
      Clear out a "junk" room to create a guest room for company or space for a new hobby, project, or need.

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