y daughter’s closet and dresser drawers were overflowing
   with clothes.  
Laundry piled up because I dreaded trying to put
   away clothes when there was no room. 
   Jodi helped me set boundaries that made it easy for me to sort 
   and to part with items.  We created a bin for each outgrown
   size.  I can keep a few favorite items and pass them on to my
   next child. 
   When the bin filled up, we donated the rest of the clothes.  We
   filled five bags with clothes for donation and the results are
Putting away laundry is easy now because   
   everything has a home to go to."                                                      
                                      Mia - Ladue

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Girl's Closet - Before
    About Organizing Magic, LLC®

   Jodi Granok, MSW is the owner of Organizing Magic, LLC® - a professional organizing company in
   St. Louis established in 2008.  She is an expert at working with overwhelmed 
people to get their homes,
   offices and lives organized.  Jodi enjoys speaking to groups around St. Louis about getting organized.
     Getting organized changes your life  in so many positive ways:
  • Reduce clutter by removing items that weigh you down emotionally and physically
  • Save money by keeping track of what you have to avoid duplicate purchases
  • Stay focused and finish your longstanding projects
  • Decrease stress and anxiety levels while feeling happier and healthier
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  "Working with Jodi has helped me to think about organizing my home from a 'Top Down' perspective, especially with paperwork piling
'Hot - Warm - Cold' sorting of mail and documents and shredding junk mail as soon as it comes in has literally changed my life!!
   I've gone from
 dreading opening the mailbox to actually looking forward to a kind of soul cleansing 'Recycling Session' almost every
   evening - her idea!  I highly
 recommend Jodi's service.  If she can help a total procrastinator like me, she can help anyone!"
                                                                                          Mike - St. Louis
  Do you need more organization in your life?  See if this sounds familiar:

  • When I walk into this room, I feel overwhelmed by all of the clutter.
  • These piles of paper are driving me crazy!
  • My home is full of projects that I started but never finished.
  • I just can't get a handle on my busy schedule.
  • School used to be easy for me, but now I feel completely lost.

  "After working with Jodi to organize my dreaded paperwork, I felt like I lost 30 pounds of anxiety.  Her approach is supportive and
   nonjudgmental, and
the relief and direction I have now are incredibly empowering."     
                                                                                Kelly - University City

Girl's Closet - After

  "Our house was so disorganized!  Jodi has been great.  She has helped us reorganize our closets, our kids rooms, and has helped me
   get on top of the 
bills each month - something I dreaded.  I recommend her without hesitation."
                                                                                      Rob - Clayton

  "I knew I needed help putting my house back in order.  I hesitated making that first call but now wish I had called sooner.  Any
   concerns I had about embarrassment, judgement or cost were soon relieved.  Jodi is a true professional.  Her expertise was evident
   throughout the process.  She suggested the simplest solutions in the most cost-effective way.  Top notch service - do not hesitate to
   begin your journey to an organized space.  You will be glad you did."  
                                                                                               Carol - Fenton